• Giá 192.000 VNĐ
  • Hãng sản xuất SOMMER
  • Bảo hành 12 tháng

To minimise the diameter we dropped the insulating jacket of the wire pairs. So all that remains is the foil shielding on the wire pairs. The “naked“ cable is slimmer and more adaptable. Not only the tiny diameter is an advantage, but also the low price.
Technicians too will like this cable because we put great emphasis on good workmanship during the design phase of SC-Planet FMC. The compound foil on the wire pairs will not fall apart when pulling over the shrink-on tubes, but can be cut and processed very well. The entire cable was also fitted with a solid and easily removable AL/PT foil and a pre-twisted drain wire. The overall foil shielding will remain inside the jacket during stripping. The conductors are colourcoded. Due to its low capacitance it is perfect for long distances (e.g. on cable reels).
As of now we will supply the FMC version with two extra channels at the same price! These can be used as auxiliary channels on your multipair system (simply connect to the earth of the MP connector).

• Compact diameter
• Excellent handling due to a special AL/PT foil
• Flexible due to tight wire stranding
• Good shielding provided by a wire pair screen plus overall screen
• Affordable price

• Economically priced cable for the construction of stage box systems and multipin multipair systems
• Dependable line for permanent installation in the field of installation technology


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